Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 4+(half of)5

We spent Day 4 shaping and mixing 'Sinners', getting it video-ready for our friend Louis Minnaar. This was not the progress we were planning on for the day, but it is awesome progress none the less. I haven't stopped listening and scrutinising every detail of the mp3 since.

It is Day 5 now, and we're currently mixing 'Beware, she wears a vengeful heart'. I completed the vocals this morning, and currently I'm amusing myself by typing this blog entry. Jacob is trying to sort through the maze that is Werner's drum beats. He is doing this pretty much on his own, because Werner has an extreme head cold and is out for the count. He's going home now, and thus I have to help Mr. Israel. I guess that means:

Haasbroek, over and out.

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