Monday, October 26, 2009

This blogpost goes: swish!

Watermark High Remix: plotted and schemed, need original wav's in order for it not to be a cover but a remix, If you run into Paul vd Walt, remind him with a slap against the head.

Exams: 1 down, 2 to go.

New Stuff: I suffer from self-diagnosed A.D.D. and have thus committed to stringent focus on 1 thing at a time, thus only looking at the Watermark High Remix... Please tell Paul vd Walt to move it along, he's holding up our new ideas.

Old Stuff: Luckily for all of us, Werner keeps tabs on every stupid idea I send him, he suggested I "expose" you guys to this one


Hope you enjoy it, back to the wait...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A moment of silence

If you have not done so already, please download The Watermark High's new album here.
It is a free download, and it is beautiful. Please support them and tell your friends about it as well. I can personally vouch for the soothing effect it has on software developer rage.

We are currently working on a remix of one of the tracks from the album, in between me studying for exams, hence the lack of new ideas posted here. It is definitely a worthwhile exercise, as I think both of us have discovered a bunch of new styles and techniques, which should fuel the creative fire, even if they don't make it onto the remix. We're both pretty excited to be working on this, and the stuff we've got thus far makes me smile.


Friday, October 16, 2009

to love and cradle

Although we generally try to either kind of complete an idea, or at least both contribute to it first, before uploading it, I thought that you might enjoy this track in its raw a capella form. It is called “all for you”, and it is something I threw together on Tuesday evening with my new audio interface. I love that thing.

Here goes, hope you enjoy it: All for you

It ends abruptly, and we are in two minds on whether we want to elaborate the song in terms of length, maybe another chorus or something... drop us a line and give us your two cents on it.

We’re opening for THE WATERMARK HIGH on the 20th of November 2009. This will be the release party for their astounding album: Loneliness as an art form. We’d be honoured to have you join us at +27 Design CafĂ© in Duncan Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa, if not for us, then for the intricate and delicate weave of their songs.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Keeping promises

When a Skyline on Fire makes a promise, you best believe that we'll follow up on that promise... like a blood oath, or something: enforceable by death... I say this now because we could actually keep the promise made in our previous post, so don't come knocking on our door with a nine' when we promise an album and nothing materializes.

It's Monday, and here's a new song, entitled "heat stroke". If you really want to experience the true "feel" of the song, you'll have to wait until a hot and humid day comes along before listening to it, otherwise, just imagine technology rage.

Heat Stroke

We've been asked to play at The Watermark High's album launch in November, more news later. If you've not checked them out yet, go to The Watermark High, but be warned, this is serious pillow-rock.

All the Nissan's in the world could not carry me to you

Friday, October 9, 2009

Execution failure

You know that thing where a word does not sound like it is part of the English language after enough repetitions? We were talking gibberish for three hours last night. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, anovuh...

We had all these grand plans to record a little demo something. But technology got the best of us, as each got a Line 6 Toneport UX2 yesterday, and things went from tinkering with new toys to full out trance inducing repetition.

We would have gladly recorded what we did last night, but I dont think you want to listen to three hours of the same riff. I'll try to verbalise some of the ideas, maybe we'll get it down in this weekend: stupidly simple drumbeat, some chanting about heart attacks and not fussing it, megaphones, beautiful blurred beats that wash over you, a cranky organ, and a guitar line to drowse by.

See, now we've committed, we have to record it and upload it... and if we don't, you can report us to the internet lying commission.

As a peace offer, to say sorry we forgot to press the record button, here is a very rough demo of another song, called stuck... you'll notice that the voices don't really align all to well and that it carries on for too long, as per usual.


So sorry,
A skyline on multiplug-overload