Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1

There were teething problems a plenty on Saturday, with us not having everything available in the formats that Mr. Israel needed them. We finally got 2 of the songs studio-ready, and I did vocals for one of them in the last hour of the day (it is sounding fantastic). Now that we have a better idea of what is required from us,
things should move much faster from here on in.

The studio has such a relaxed vibe to it, and it is fascinating to see Jacob Israel performing his magic. He ran some of our midi through his Prophet synth and the bass made the pillars in the studio vibrate. If we stop updating this blog, it is because the roof has collapsed in on us.

We're going in tonight to play around for another few hours. Damn day jobs. We'll try to take some pictures on Saturday and post them.

*Initiate vocal-warmup

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