Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 3

What a week! First, Jacob Israel tore us all a new one. Quadraphonic glitches piercing your eardrums, combined with mesmerizing live strings, makes for one tremendous show. If you are electronically inclined and you have not yet listened to him, do it now.
We had an excellent time at +27 last night. Thanks to Louis and Gerhard for the chance to play at your exhibition. The work was outstanding. Also, thanks to everyone who came out. We hope you had a good time and that you didn't mind my "dancing". Also, thanks to +27 for a lovely atmosphere.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the 20th of February 2010, we're heading into the studio again. We hope to complete a lot of the work on a song called "Beware, she wears a vengeful heart". Werner thinks it's a good idea to post the pre-production stuff that we've recorded when we're going to track them in the studio. He never gets to make any decisions, so I'm humoring him here:

Beware, she wears a vengeful heart

'Love to stay and blog about the deeper meaning of the lyrics, if any, but my lamb biryani is getting cold.

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