Monday, October 18, 2010

Self-prophesising album titles

So here we are: an album called ‘Slow’ taking forever to reach the public.

This post feels like that awkward conversation you have with a really close friend after you haven’t talked for too-long a time. It's not supposed to sound apologetic, although it might come across as the ramblings of a guilty man.

When we started the process of this album, I think we were aiming for an April or May release. We nearly made it! I mean, it’s only October now, and we're almost there - not exactly prolific... Granted, one half of this outfit (me, CF) has been out of action for what feels like forever. Not that I can use my hands for anything constructive at all, but I could have been force-feeding Werner coffee if I had the time.

In all honesty, I think we (I’m talking about the royal we at least) were relaxing a bit after we finished the recording and got the master back. It felt like: “battle won”. Of course that extra time was then automatically filled with stupid life stuff, pffft...

At this stage, I think all that Werner and I want to do is write new music. It seems much easier to come up with a new concept album/EP than it is to come up with a launch strategy. Neither of us have ever been the guy that does the actual planning for a launch, so we keep avoiding the question of a launch date. Hell, we’ve been eclipsed by our brilliant friends Fulka who recorded after us, and have already launched their album.

“Okay CF, enough yada yada. What are you actually saying?”

It is simple really: Werner has been kicking ass in silence, together with mastermind Maaike Bakker, and we’re so, so close. Don’t forget about us, we’re still the same guy. It’s just, we’ve been busy you know... and you don’t have to always wait for me to call.

We miss you,

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