Monday, May 23, 2011

20-20 Hindsight

It seems the longer you avoid updating a blog, the easier it gets to avoid updating it.

Truth be told, we really don't like empty blog-posts, so we've been waiting to post something worthwhile (although we've missed a few opportunities with pretty gig posters and another music video).

So, since our last update, the following has happened:
- We've played three wonderful gigs in Johannesburg in the last few months: The delightful Wolves Cafe as part of their Howl series

A subdued gig at Kitchener's as part of master scene supporter Ri's "Ssshh..." series with the talented Givan Lotz

The Bioscope with our mind-bending friends Fulka and Jacob Israel.

If you've got pictures of any these events, please "hook us up" as the kids would say.

- We've released our songs digitally on eMusic, iTunes (UK & US) and Spotify.

- We released our third video "An easy battle, a lost war". This video was shot by the ridiculously talented We Love Pictures. We heart them.

- ASOF collaborated with The Ocean Doesn't Want Me guys to perform, of all things, the Chris de Burgh song "I'm not scared anymore" at CF's wedding. We might be posting a video of that.

- We've started crafting a few new songs. All of them seem to have a common theme, so we might be going all Prog and doing it concept album style. Currently we're considering an EP format, but we're going to have a hard time deciding on which songs to put on there. Also, we'll probably drop the rough recordings on here as we complete them.

Hmmm, looking at it now, it seems there was a lot to be mentioned. Better late than never I guess.

A skyline burnt down

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