Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ah, Longweekends: Video & Gig & Day 9

Photo courtesy of WeLovePictures.

We have not uploaded any new songs in a while; please enjoy this one:

An easy battle, a lost war

We took Thursday off from work to visit what can only be called Louis Minnaar's torture dungeon. He made my spine bend in directions that it was never meant to go.
After a delightful 6 or 7 hours spent under scorching lights, dressed in black from head to toe, he finally listened when we used the safe-word, and it was home time.

We drove to the city of Johannesburg in pouring rain and pouring traffic to get to the Bella vista lounge. After a two hour nightmare of a sound check, we played our set and the response was pretty okay, especially since we're not even sure where our songs are going at this stage.
The recording process has definitely messed with our live performance. But we'll sort it out. We stayed for Tale of the son's set, which was pretty damn awesome (made me think of IfyouarewhatyoueatIcouldbeyoubytomorrow). I was really disappointed to miss "Eyes like mirrors", but it was that or asleep at the wheel on the way back to Pretoria. We'll definitely organize something with them in the near future. Thanks to Riaan and the bands for the opportunity to play.

On Friday, we hit the studio again. My voice was shot by this stage, so we decided to postpone any vocal recording and focus on instrumentation for two songs: a reworked version of "Kids in bad water", and a reworked version of "Christmas card". Jacob played us some of the work he has been doing on the mixes, and I am enormously excited and proud to have other people hear this album.

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