Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Commence radio silence

Look the pretty... thanks Maaike

We've been quiet on the blog front, but I promise that we have not been quiet on the writing front. After playing with Jacob Israel at The Watermark High album launch, we went to have a drink with him and we decided it's a good idea to do an album. We took the December holidays to solidify our thoughts, and met with JI the other day, deciding that the 30th of January will be our first day of recording.

I am experiencing that feeling you get when running up the down-escalator. Everything is happening just a bit faster than I can manage it. For instance: we have decided on 12 songs to record, and we're tackling the pre production at home, but we are only done with 5 songs in that department. It's hustle time!

We've been tapping a few resources (thank God for friends) to help us in some of the design departments, and I am greatly excited to see what these peeps will get up to.

If I can just get my damn research proposal in, I might be able to record a ditty for you guys, before we head into radio silence for the album.

If we're not back in a month... just wait longer

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