Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I promise it's not a solo act

Two weeks ago we realized that we did not have a set ready for The Watermark High album launch... in an attempt to avoid looking like fools, we decided that we might have to graft on that for a bit. So we've been busy figuring out how to play some songs, rewriting some other songs, throwing away perfectly good ideas and not committing to anything for longer than 10 minutes.

This has left us with no time to record anything of value. Way to discredit your own blog!

In order to prove that we are still alive (well, at least one of us), we've decided to upload one of my random ideas that I recorded before work one morning or before sleep one evening. This will probably take some hugely mutated form in the future, for now it's just me moaning layer after layer. I'm like Shrek in that way (dated pop-reference: check). here you go:

Deal with them later, deal with them later, deal with them later

I'll try to incorporate Werner into the act at some stage, he really is more than just a pretty face, you know.

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